Conference Marketing Lead and Collateral Designer

Interventions: A Scout Conference

I was the Marketing Lead on Scout's pilot design conference, Interventions. Aside from creating and executing the conference marketing plan, I served as the conference copy writer and one of the team's designers. I had the amazing opportunity to shape both the voice and visual identity of the conference, and it has been one of my favorite projects to date. Check it out:

The conference brand was created by badass and girl crush (+ a killer team), Jen Heintz in the spring of 2017. Come fall 2017, the team pushed the brand from just hands interacting with the type to hands interacting with random objects (intervening, if you will). I took the opportunity to bring these "interventions" to life through stop motion gifs. 



My pride and joy: THESE GIFS. 

From conception to execution, I created a series of stop motion gifs for social media announcements and emails. The interaction in each gif is specific to the conference speaker or panel. It was really important for each gif to have an action and result, to tie into the conference exploration of the intentions and consequences of design.

This has been one of my favorite things I've done, intersecting my loves for photography, stop motion, and design. The photos were shot in a studio and then brought into photoshop to create frame animations. 

One of the speaker announcements


Some email banners



social media assets