Unsize is an online shopping experience that eliminates the question "will this fit me?" through a recommendation web app and connected hardware device called Tailor. Tailor walks you through how to measure yourself and seamlessly inputs your measurements to our web app via bluetooth. From there, Unsize filters only for the clothes that fit you, without revealing their size. 

I was originally brought on to lead our social media marketing efforts, but I discovered that I have a greater passion for content creation and stuck with copy writing, designing collateral, and content strategy, creating with our social media in mind. 



The instagram grid (my favorite)

There are two kinds of followers on instagram, the long time follower and the new follower. Because Unsize is very new, I created content for the latter. The "new follower" is the potential follower who initially sees the whole grid, and not individual posts. I created a colorful and cohesive grid to compel users to learn more about Unsize and follow along. 


Photo Assets

I took photos of our team trying on clothes that we bought using the smart measuring device to capture that "My clothes fit!" feeling. To stray away from typical lifestyle photos, I made this graphic to go along with the feelings of excitement and relief. 


Animated Video

Our co-founders took the stage at Boston Hubweek and pitched Unsize. I turned a phone recorded video into one with animated text, so that the social media viewer can watch this with or without sound.